Espresso roast - Guatemala - La esparanza

Espresso roast - Guatemala - La esparanza

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caramel - orange - pineapple 

proces: washed 

region: Huehuetenango 

Varietal: bourbon - caturra 


Washed Coffee

  • Harvesting: Ripe coffee cherries are harvested from the coffee plants.
  • Depulping: The outer skin and pulp of the cherries are removed, exposing the beans.
  • Fermentation: The beans undergo a fermentation process to loosen and remove the mucilage (sticky layer) that still adheres to them after depulping.
  • Washing: The beans are thoroughly washed to remove the loosened mucilage.
  • Drying: The washed beans are dried, usually on patios or raised beds, until they reach an appropriate moisture content for storage and further processing