Espresso roast - Colombia - La primavera

Espresso roast - Colombia - La primavera

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sweet - fruity -  floral 

proces: Fully washed 

region: Tolima, Santa Rita, El Tajo 

Varietal: Castillo-colombia 


Fully Washed Coffee

  • Fully washed coffee generally follows the same basic steps as washed coffee.
  • After the initial washing and fermentation, fully washed coffee often involves an additional step. The beans may undergo a second round of fermentation, typically without the surrounding mucilage.
  • After this second fermentation, the beans are washed again to ensure the removal of any remaining mucilage.
  • The fully washed beans are then dried, similar to the washed process.

In essence, the key difference lies in the potential for a second fermentation step in the fully washed process. This extra fermentation is believed by some to further refine the flavors of the coffee. However, it's important to note that the specific processing methods can vary, and the terminology might be used differently in different coffee-producing regions or by different coffee producers.

Both washed and fully washed coffees are known for their clean and bright cup profiles, showcasing the inherent qualities of the coffee beans and allowing for a wide range of flavor nuances to be expressed. The choice between the two methods may depend on factors such as regional traditions, climate, and desired flavor outcomes.